Hey, I'm Mary

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My Tumblr Crushes:
mountain-d3w (9%)
te4cup (5%)
tides (4%)
faggest (4%)
b1llionaire (4%)
scenely (4%)
b-rger (4%)
stand4s0mething (3%)
censual (3%)
scenely, tea4cup & b-rger…it’s time to hop on the Mary train and love me :c
My Tumblr Crushes:
censual (8%)
felix-tha-cat (4%)
neon-vagina (3%)
orionfalls (3%)
vagiqua (3%)
-everysecond (3%)
-alleycat (3%)
baconslut (2%)
oh-woah.com/ (2%)
The bold/italic people can love me now kthanks
Oh big surprise Michelle is my most like/reblogged for like the 3rd time I’ve posted tumblr crushes lmao jfc ilur blog
illmeetyouthereunderthestars: Hey, I thought I'd let you know that I love your blog, its soo amazing, it really brightens up my dashboard and I love seeing the pictures u post or reblog, it wud be great if you could suggest some other people to follow that post similar stuff to you, thanks :)

aww thanks!! :) I take different things from each blog I follow, but I’d have to say my favorites are censual and electr0p0p.  I’ve also been reblogging from vagiqua and liquidmeth a lot lately.  Hope that helps!

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I’m not even gunna bother tagging horny cuz she knows I love her blog haha
love me guise? :3
My Tumblr Crushes:
horny- (13%)
angryb1rd (4%)
electr0p0p (4%)
liquidmeth (3%)
h0lliday (3%)
m0rtality (3%)
h0nest-sleep (2%)
pl4nes (2%)
4lien (2%)
Thought I’d post my tumblr crushes for Valentine’s day :)  some tumblr luv
I always think its interesting to see tumblr crushes.  I’m only tagging ppl who weren’t in the last one lol

Post Your Tumblr Crushes!

I think it’d be interesting for everyone to post and track their tumblr crushes :)

Here’s what ya do:

Go to your dashboard and click on who you’re following.  Look to the right and those are your tumblr crushes!  Reblog this, copy their URL, post them to your blog in order of %, and tag them in the post so they can see!

Mine are:



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